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Is Oil Still Relevant?

Coming soon!

Change has come to America; Change is coming to Africa!

CHANGE! CHANGE! CHANGE! That has been the primary theme of his campaign. And indeed change has come to America! It is by now no secret that Barack Obama will be the first African American to beĀ  elected president of the United States. On Jan. 20, 2009, he will be the sworn in as the 44th … Continue reading

Welcome Chrome! Welcome!

Google seems to be making giant strides in seriously competing with Microsoft. And of course I’m loving every bit of it. Competition breeds better applications. Rich web applications is indeed the cornerstone of the internet, and Google is leaving no stone unturned. Its about launching its latest browser to compete with Internet Explorer and Firefox. … Continue reading

Ringing the changes

LONDON (England) CNN — One afternoon late in 2002, Mukhsin Alhassan Kadir drove his taxi from the busy streets of Accra, the capital of Ghana, to a nearby market community to meet a man who wanted to trade a plot of land for two cell phones. Ghanaian taxi driver Mukhsin Alhassan Kadir once traded two … Continue reading

Let the politicians fight over the power struggle, but don’t let them fight over the country!

As I sat on a bus on my way to work this morning, I couldn’t help but reflect on the many political concerns bedeviling our continent Africa. One thing was abundantly clear to me: the struggle for political power is indeed the overall aim of our political leaders. Therefore making the whole exercise a “do … Continue reading

Obama does his “thing” again as Obamamania hits Europe!

As I sat behind my IBM ThinkPad laptop computer on the Internet from far away Africa (Accra, Ghana) the whole week monitoring US Presidential Candidate Barack Obama travel round the Middle East from Afghanistan to Iraq and Jordan to Israel, and observing the courtesies he received as a President Obama rather than a Senator Obama … Continue reading